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Children are so innocent, and may not understand what is happening during a memorial service. This is especially true when there is an open casket, which is something that can be disconcerting for adults, too. Knowing in advance that there will be an open casket is helpful as it allows you to have a conversation with your children to help prepare them for what they will see.

People May Look Different

Your child may go to the viewing and expect to see their favorite person looking like they were asleep . . . and be shocked to realize that their loved one looks quite different than they did in life. While the funeral staff does their best to create a natural look, there are times when this is difficult. You can explain to your child that the deceased may not look exactly the same but is still the same person that they loved.

Create a Special Farewell

Children may not completely understand the memorial service, and often want to be a part of this special day of remembrance. There are many ways that they can say goodbye, perhaps by providing their loved one with a small remembrance or gift that can be placed in or around the casket. During burial services, children are often encouraged to come forward and place a single flower and quietly say goodbye.

Remind Children That There is No More Pain in Death

Whether your loved one’s death was unexpected or a result of a prolonged illness, help your child understand that there is no more pain involved after death. Their loved one is completely at peace and no longer feeling the suffering that can come with earthly life.

The actual words that you can use vary, but the important message to children is that their loved one is peaceful and loved them very much. Our family at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery has been serving families in the Arizona area for decades and can help walk you through any questions that you may have about funerals. Contact us today with questions at 480-832-2850 or via email to wecare@mvfuneralhome.com.