Why do rainbows cry? My, oh my.


Troy was born August 7, 1969 in Toledo, Lucas, Ohio. He lived in Ohio until he was 7 years old and moved to Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona in 1976 with his Mother Cynthia Dianne Roach, his brothers, Dennis Phillip and Richard James, His deceased Grandparents, Dennis Phillip and Bernice Sarah Roach, and his Aunt & Uncle Donald Lee & Constance Darlene Geahlen, Cousins Darlene Sue & Thomas Lee Geahlen.

He lived in Mesa for 42 years of his life and enjoyed Landscaping as a profession and working on cars and bicycles as a hobby. Troy had a very contagious smile and laugh and a very good humor. His brothers always knew he was always there for them. Troy was very conscious of anyone that needed help. He was a single man, but had lots of family that loved him very much. He loved the little children.

He leaves behind his mother Cynthia Roach, 2 brothers, Dennis Meeker and Richard Meeker, his nephew Kyler Donald Meeker. His Aunt Constance Geahlen and Uncle Donald Geahlen. Cousin Darlene Gechter and Thomas (Dana) Geahlen. 2nd Cousins Ashley Lovica (Preston) Caradine, Danielle Geahlen Carrillo, Travis Lee Geahlen, Jaren (Ashley) Hughes, April M Barnett, Samantha Elizabeth (Gabor) Wohner, Caitlin Rose Geahlen, Hannah Marie Roark. Next generation of Cousins: Alexa Carrillo, Jorge Issak Carrillo, Ella Mae Williams and Pattyn Leia Cranston. Father Terry Lee Meeker, whereabouts unknown.

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