Timothy Matthew Willie Morgan, loving son and brother, passed away on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in the loving arms of his family.  He was born on April 6, 1991.

Tim loved his job and made lifelong friends.  Even though he was only 26, he was able to touch many people as he was an Old Soul.  He could talk to anyone from ages 2 to 80, and had the ability to find a common interest and talk for hours.

Tim’s family was everything to him.  He loved to spend time with his cousins shooting, camping, and just talking.  He had amazing adventures with his Uncle Ronnie, going sightseeing in Tucson or to Mexico with no passport.  He loved the personal time he got with his Aunt Donna when he was stuck in the hospital, and he also enjoyed the time he spent with his Aunt Jane, wanting her to teach him how to knit but she never got the chance.

Timothy has a very big family.  He is survived by his mother, Bernice Morgan; sisters, Hailey Cornell and Courtney Cameron; grandparents, Joann Randsom and Bill Morgan; great uncles, Pat Morgan, Alvin Morgan, and Johnny Neleson; great aunts, Helen, Eva, and Ruth; aunts, Jane and Donna; uncles, Ronnie, Frank, and Mark; cousins, Amber and Brian, Wayne, Roger, Cecilia, Joshua, Tracy, Sarah, Dan and Amy, Kayla, Will, Noah, Andrew, Lisa, Alexis, Dakota, Stephanie and Rich; sixteen second cousins; and extended family, Neal Cameron, Bud, Tim, Tabitha, Tiffany, Tammy, Teri, Sersig, Chance, and Heather.

He was preceded in death by John Humble, Alvin Sersig, Tom Ranson, and Nicholas Humble.

He will be greatly missed and loved by all.  Stay dedicated, Son.  Love you so much and never forget our bond reaches beyond heaven and earth.  Always feel my arms around you.

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