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Remembering Theo

Theo blessed our lives with his presence on October 7, 2018 at a total of 6lbs, 3ozs and 18inches. He decided he was ready for the world a month early, but he was born healthy and perfect.  From the very beginning, he had a huge personality and a millions expressions.  He was very inquisitive and loved being around people and being held, that never changed.

He was a very happy, very busy baby.  He didn’t smile until he was about 2 months, but once he started he never stopped.  He loved going places in his stroller, being outside, being held, music, and bath and massage time was his all-time favorite.   Such an exuberant baby, he fought sleep and wanted to be with people all the time.

Theo was very loved.  He was a huge force for such a tiny body, and will be remembered dearly his mom, dad and entire family.  His life was only 5 months, but he will leave a lasting mark forever.  Theo, you changed my life forever and taught me how to love and you will be missed more than words can even begin to explain.  We love you our little Angel and look forward to the day we will see you and hold you again. We love you our Theobear.

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