Cowboy by heart, father by nature: Philip Rauso Jr., an accomplished artist, an inventor, a designer and a passionate historian has left his trademark on the world, literally.  A Brooklyn native, he grew up with a natural talent as a traditional artist who soon became a man of endless successes, inevitably moving from the east coast without a second thought, and called the Wild West his permanent home.  Most of all: his enthusiasm for his work and his social charm left a lasting impression on anyone who had the privilege of crossing his path. He had a unique way of taking any idea and executing it into a brilliant reality. Although Philip accomplished a magnificent work of art to which we will forever nurture as a reflection of his adventurous life, his most favorite life journey was being a father and grandfather to all of his girls.


Philip Rauso Jr. is survived by his wife Debbie, three daughters Ericarose, Rachel, and Gabrielle, mother Marianna and father Philip Sr., and two brothers Stephen and Thomas who were also his best friends.  He has three granddaughters who were enamored by him and will miss him dearly.  His nieces and nephews held a special place in his heart. Philip never failed to embrace every single child in the family as the unique individuals they were. His gut-busting sense of humor was a trademark within family gatherings and the quirky banter will feel void without him. He will be loved and missed always and forever.

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