Mark Douglas Williams was born May 2nd, 1953 to Shirley & Lynnville Williams. They soon had a second child, Mark’s sister Roxanna. Mark grew up in Texas and eventually attended Texas A&M. The Aggies were definitely Mark’s favorite sports team and he loved them tremendously. Mark donated money as part of being in the Alumni Club and supported The Aggies with an undying devotion.

Mark married soon after he graduated from Texas A&M to Denise Redford and had one child, James. Although James never married, he did have a daughter named Mylie whom Mark adored and cherished with all his heart! Prior to Mylie being born Mark moved to New Mexico where he lived with and helped support his Uncle David who had suffered a heat stroke when he was very young.

Mark was excellent at many things and one of his favorite hobbies was building models. He was fascinated with WWII and most all of his models were of planes, tanks and other military vehicles involved in the war. He loved to display them, often hanging most of his model planes from the ceiling which was really a neat site to see and helped bring these objects to life. His main passion and hobby from the time he was child until his final days was collecting comic books. He knew all of the important issues, including the first appearances of most comic book characters. His favorite had to be Spider-Man or as Mark would say “Spidey”!

Although Mark lived in New Mexico he would travel to Arizona every Thanksgiving to spend time with his family. Mark was a loving father and brother, but being a grandfather truly brought out the best of him. Sadly Mark died due to complications from cancer on Saturday June 17th. Although his wings were ready to fly, our hearts were not ready to have him leave. He will be missed in more ways than one and his love, spirit and sarcastic nature will live on through all of us. Heaven gained an Angel in Mark, be sure to look for the signs that he is looking down on you and sending his love from above!

A Memorial Celebration will be held at 1pm on Saturday, June 23, 2018, at Mountain View Memorial Gardens, 7900 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ.

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