Marguerita (Marge) Minniti was born on July 28th, 1922 on Robey Street in Chicago, Illinois to Italian immigrants; Antonio Minniti and Caterina (Catherine) Barbaro.  Her parents immigrated from Reggio, Calabria, Italy to the United States through Ellis Island.  She was born in Chicago but as a toddler they moved to Villa Park, Illinois.  Marge attended Ardmore Junior High School and graduated from York High School.  She was one of eight children.  Her siblings include Mary, Joanna, Florence, Antoinette, Florence, Angelina, Tony and John.

Her resume included working in an ice cream factory across the street from the family home, working in a factory during WWII making supplies for the war, doing varityping at Butler Brothers, clerical work at Encyclopedia Britannica and legal secretary.  Her work took her to Upland, California and she retired in Mesa, Arizona. Marge was a world traveler.  Her early trips took her to Hawaii and Mexico.  Later on she traveled to China, Norway and Russia.

She was a kind and loving lady who would never impose on anyone.  She is survived by her brother (John), sisters (Joanna and Mary), nieces (Kris Ybarra, Karen Foote, Terry Wright, Nanette Mayer, Cindy Pawlak, Leslie Marquez, Francine Grossi and Janine Rappa), nephews (Dan Marotta, Tom Marotta, Sam Grossi and Scott Marquez), numerous cousins and friends.

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