Joshua “The Bean” Andrew Smith of Mesa, AZ, was accepted in the hands of the Good Lord Almighty on 4-28-18. He was born on 1-24-97 in Mesa, AZ, to Eric and Michelle Smith. He is survived by his parents Eric and Michelle Smith, as well as his sister Christina Inge and brother Jacob Smith.

He will be missed by his grandparents, Ron and Sharyn Allen; Uncles, Scott Allen and Jordan; as well as his nieces, Savannah and Shaylah Inge; brother-in-law, Michael Inge; and sister-in –law, Emma Wallace.

Joshua was never one to say no, or give up on anything! He found peace in music and listening to his audio books. They say a loss of “Sight” is never a loss of “Vision”. Josh, you gave everyone a Great Vision, of HOPE, TRUST and most of all the will to LIVE without FEAR! Joshua, you will be greatly Missed, but never FORGOTTEN!!! Peace be with you my child.

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