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Born 7/12/1926 in Pratt Kansas, Last call 3/18/2020.  Our Patient Saint fathered Susan, Sally (already in heaven), Nancy, Beth, Jim II and Barbara. Patriarch of 15 grands and 20 great grands joins his wife Darleen in heaven for a toddy while seeing a sunset from God’s side. Working for 87 years, this KU graduate Navy Veteran who saw the inside of a hospital for himself after 84 years at the age of 89 will be remembered for his animal loving, perfect steak/sour dough pancake making, driver instructing Neon Leon bourbon drinking angelic ways. Jim will be laid to rest at 10 am on 3/28/2020 at Mountain View Cemetery with immediate family. We want to thank Hospice of the Valley, Kim and Javier especially, for their help in keeping daddy at home with us as mom wanted. Please join us in watching a sunset, Two and a Half Men or tiny bubbles with your toddy in Jim’s honor.

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