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howard-curtis-taylor-obituary-picHoward “HCT” Taylor, 63, of Mesa, AZ, was a gentle-hearted man.  He had a joke for everyone he met, as if his sole purpose in this life was to make people laugh or at least try to.  Some people didn’t get his humor, but it was his own brand of humor, which stemmed from a childlike disposition and deep trust in his Maker.  His heart was golden and so kind that the doves nesting in his olive tree allowed him to pick them up.  I observed this myself.  They knew he was kind and meant no harm.

I believe his soul-purpose was much deeper than the jovial personality, though.  My brother taught many lessons in his own unique way; unique because of brain damage he suffered years ago.  I think his beauty in this world was to teach people to love even those they don’t understand, or those they don’t like.  God is all about love.  After all, He died because He loved.

Howard will be missed by his amazing Mother, Barbara Taylor, who walked along-side him tirelessly through his life.  “She is the best mom for me,” Howard recently said.  He looked forward to his regular chats with his Aunt Patty in Indiana.  Also carrying on in his absence are his nephew, Josh Lindsay; nieces Kristin Kempff and Tasha Lindsay-Mehl; five great nephews and one niece; his step-father, Rolly Myers who was also a good friend to him; Howard Lindsay, his brother-in-law who helped him through some tough times and me, Dawn Lindsay, his sister, who possibly learned the most from Howard’s life teachings.

On November 23rd, 2016, he suddenly passed-on from a stroke.  Funeral services will be held at Mountain View Funeral Home, 7900 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85207, with reception following at Church of the Transfiguration, 514 Mountain Rd., Mesa, AZ.

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