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In Iowa City she met Richard (Dick) Beck.  They married in 1949 and after a brief time in Kansas they settled back in Iowa where she worked in the family hardware store and later became a nurses aide.  They had three children, Stephen (North Carolina), Michael (deceased) and Nancy (Colorado).

Betty and Dick moved to Mesa, Arizona in 1979 to get away from the Iowa winters. They built a home in Fountain of the Sun (FOS), they were year-round residents.  In 1997 Dick passed away.  Betty remained in their house up until 7 months before her death on January 31, 2020.

During her time at FOS Betty made many good friends and had wonderful neighbors that helped and watched out for her as her health diminished.  She loved the Arizona heat and didn’t want to be anywhere else.

She is also survived by two grandchildren, Eric (California) and Kate (Arizona).

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