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Our beloved Bethany Marie Grant perished on July 16, 2020 in a tragic traffic accident. Born in August 1993 as the second child and first daughter to Leslie and Walter Grant, Bethany grew up in the warm and loving extended family of her parents, brother Calvin, maternal grandparents Chuck and Carol Blanton, with her aunts, uncles, and cousins who primarily resided in Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert Arizona.  

 Bethany attended Highland Arts Elementary in the Mesa for the first few grades, finishing primary school at Higley Elementary in Gilbert after her parents relocated. She graduated from Williams Field High School (in Gilbert) with a collegiate diploma in the top fifth of her class with interests in the sciences, history, and arts. While Bethany was offered choices of  scholarships to Northern Arizona University or to the Maricopa County Community Colleges, she chose employment instead while she found career directions and interests to pursue. She worked principally as a hostess or server at various restaurants in the Chandler-Gilbert area before moving to Prescott Arizona for a few years and working at the historic Palace Restaurant and Saloon and the Prescott Brewing company.  After returning to Phoenix in 2014, she worked at other local restaurants in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa, lastly at the Sunland Springs senior living home. 

 Bethany was very shy in her youth but later she blossomed into an outgoing personality, making good friends everywhere she went. She was active in the Sunday school led by her Grandparents Blanton. She was a troop member in Brownies and Girl Scouts in Mesa where she met some of her lifelong friends; others she met through school. Her hobbies included arts and crafts (which she learned in scouting), reading, music, and photography. She had a eye for art, color, and decorating. 

 She met her boyfriend, Jon Crowell, through roommates after moving back to Phoenix. She and Jon had a child together, Theodore Grant Crowell, in late 2018. Unfortunately Theo passed away while sleeping when only five months old. The shadow of Theo’s death disturbed Bethany as she grappled emotionally and spiritually with God’s gift given and then taken from her. 

 Bethany’s last year was turbulent but devoted to Jon as they continued their relationship. They needed help and counsel from their families in finances and spirit while they struggled to earn a living as a couple. It was while pursuing a living that the vehicle Bethany was driving collided, at freeway speeds, with stopped utility trucks on the AZ 202 loop highway in eastern Phoenix—ending her life immediately and Jon’s within hours. 

 Bethany is survived by her parents, Leslie and Walter; her brother Calvin, his wife Chelsey and sons Jaiden and Carsen; her grandmother Carol; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins; and a cloud of dear friends who have shared their grief on Bethany’s Facebook page. She was an eager learner, easygoing, kind, friendly, dependable, compassionate, and diligent at nearly everything she did. She could have been and done so much more but for her tragic end. The hearts of we who remain behind are heavy and broken—but reliant on the hope that while she is gone in the flesh, she now dwells with Theo in Heaven by God’s Grace. Bethany is freed at last: freed from suffering, pain, and concerns;  and living in abiding Love.  

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