On December 19th, 2017, we had to say goodbye to this amazing guy.

So many memories, so much love, Alec enjoyed every single day. His love and kindness touched to many people. He was truly a one-of-a-kind, Grade “A” Human and light on this earth. Alec was thoughtful, loving, cheerful, talented, smart, and absolutely hilarious. His life was cut too short, eighteen years was not enough. Alec enjoyed the latest fashion but created his own style. As a young entrepreneur, he always managed to achieve his goals. He was starting his modeling career and had a goal to start his first real estate venture. Alec also had a passion for extreme sports from skateboarding to BMX racing. In his younger years, he achieved #1 in the state and #3 in the world. Alec was a friend to all and created his own special bond with each and every person he met.

Alec is survived by his mother, Chastity Reed; father, Duane Sutton; grandparents, Bonnie and Paul Sutton, Susan Victoria and Steve Perez; three aunts; five uncles; twenty-five plus cousins; and many friends.

We love you so much and never forget our bond reaches beyond heaven and earth. Always feel our arms around you.

Alec Duane Sutton 1999 – 2017


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