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On Site Cremation

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery operates our own crematory inside our facility. Many funeral homes in the Valley contract with third party Crematories.  What this means is they have to transport the deceased to the crematory and await for the cremated remains to be returned to the funeral home.  This transportation may lead to additional fees for a cremation. Generally, this will also increase the time a family waits for the return of the cremated remains up to a week or more.  

Having our crematory on site allows us to reassure families that their loved one never leaves the care of our funeral home. Additionally, we require our funeral directors to also be licensed cremationists. No matter the services we are providing a family, the funeral director they meet with for an arrangement conference will be taking care of their loved one from the moment they enter our care, and up through placing them in their final resting place or returning them to family.

On Site Cremation

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