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5 Tips for Embracing the Death of a Loved One  
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Losing someone you love can be life-altering. Although the grieving process is important and necessary, there are a few tips you could use for embracing the death of a loved one.


Let their death produce change for the future. 

Adopt the cause that took your loved one and work toward awareness, better treatment, new research, and more accessible resources for those suffering in the future. If the loss of your loved one results in better outcomes for others in the future, it’s easier to understand and embrace the purpose behind their passing.


Create a place to mourn and remember. 

Some people set up shrines, some plant trees, and some wear a piece of jewelry that reminds them of the loved one they lost. By giving yourself a place – a physical place or item that takes you there emotionally – you give yourself permission to remember, to grieve, to cry, and to be happy again.


Go through the motions. 

Keep doing the things you’ve always loved to do: exercise, read, enjoy the company of friends, rock your toddler to sleep, go to a concert. It can provide a welcome distraction from your pain and, in time, produce healing.


Talk about the person you lost. 

Talking about the life you lost and the feelings it has invoked within you, you do two things: you build a support network and you learn to recognize and then cope with those complex feelings.


Live life to the fullest. 

The best way to honor a lost loved one is to truly continue living. Going through the motions can be a helpful component of healing after a loss, but the end goal is to start living again.


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