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Our deepest appreciation to those families that made the effort to acknowledge the care and compassion we try to give each and every family. Experiencing the death of a loved one can be overwhelming emotionally, spiritually, and financially for even the most prepared individual. Phoenix funeral service arrangements provided by the qualified staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery can ease and make bearable this unavoidable part of life.

Thank you for the kind attention and guidance. The funeral planning was a first for my sister and I and your staff was amazingly helpful. I will definitely recommend Mountain View to my friends and relatives.

Janice A.

June 2016

Don and staff were very caring and helpful. We appreciate the prompt response on pick up of my husband on the morning he passed. The two gentlemen who came were very respectful and gentle.

Carlyn E.

November 2016

Don was very kind and did a great job? It was nice to have him as a veteran to take care of my father.

Paul D.

June 2016

Thank you so much for the beautiful and thoughtful time you took for us.


Theresa P. and Family

February 14, 2014

Steve, Clint and Staff,
Thank you for your care and help in planning my husbands funeral.


Terri and Family

Steve L. & Steve A. and Mountain View Staff,
Your services were overwhelming.  Over and above your duties.  Your patriotic blanket stunned me.  Awesome respect for our Military.  I needed to put a precious memory in the shadows.  You did that for me at the viewing.

I am forever grateful.


S. A.

July 17, 2013

Dear Shannon and Mt. View Crew,
Never could I have imagined my life without one of my parents – but now I must live without my Dad. I thought, when the time came, it would be a horrifically grievous occasion, but thanks to you and the sincere kindness of others at Mtn. View – it was beautiful and dignified.
Thank you for giving so freely the gift of your love and thank you for the gift of the cards. you brought love and joy into a very sad event in our lives.


Lori M.

January 2014

Dear Mr. Adkins,
It has been a month today since we lost our Greg and I want to express my thanks to you and your facility of the handling for my brother’s funeral arrangements.
The shock of his unexpected demise threw our entire family into disbelief of this happening and your demeanor and empathy made an unimaginable nightmare easier to bear.
It takes a special person to deal, on a daily basis with the consuming grief and burdens of others coping with the loss of their love4d one(s), and I have only admiration for your peers in this industry.

N. S.

September 23, 2009

Amy was exceptional. She was kind, compassionate and warm during this difficult time. I am so grateful she was there for us to help us through all the arrangements. No words can convey our gratitude for her.

Geri D

June 2016

Our family is so grateful for everything Don and Kim did to make this very sad time a little easier for us. Don went out of his way to ensure that our needs were met. We have highly recommended your business to our friends. Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Cathy G

August 2016

To Management/Owners of Mountain View,
My husband Gary and I bought into the preneed plan in 1994-1995.  I did this because of the tremendous amount of stress it caused my mom when my father passed away in Independence, Missouri in 1980.  To save ones left behind all the stress and expense.  You never know though to what or how much this will be honored when the time comes when you do need it!
My husband Gary of 42 years went to meet the Lord Jesus January 1, 2012.  I told the hospital staff where he was to be sent – to Mountain View.  I cannot begin to tell you how seamless, no surprises, extra expense or anything it was!  I was met by Mr. Adkins and Daniel. I will never be able to thank the two of them of their kindness, counseling and just simple care they extended to our family!

This carries over not only to our time of need but they also checked in on me several times to make sure I was alright and if I needed anything and if they could just help.  They truly cared and care! The doves were so beautiful.  Mr. Adkins and Daniel are really worth their weight in gold.  I want you to know I don’t write letters ever to cushion egos or whatever but I just wanted for someone in your company to know that anyone I ever know that may ever need services that they know of you and your honesty, and integrity and care.  Everyone should have a pre-need plan.  Your staff is a blessing to everyone; even our Pastors were impressed with the level of service.  God bless you and thank you for caring me through the worst event you can ever have.
Regards and utmost respect,


Mrs. Judy B.

February 12, 2012

Mr. Lewis:
Receiving your letter, I thought it a good opportunity for me to send some thoughts your way. I cannot tell you how wonderful I felt your team was that dealt with my family these past 2 months. My mother passed the 28th of August, and that day I met Shane and Jay. The gift my mother and dad left of having everything planned, chosen and paid for was truly a wonderful gift… but these two gentleman really made everything so very easy.
Then, to have Dad pass away less than 3 weeks later . . . Again, these two took such good care of us.
We met Don the morning we came to dress our parents. I know there were other things going on elsewhere in your facility, but he treated us so kind. We felt no time pressure, only a caring, helpful presence.
And then Saturday, when we had family come literally from all over the country, Jay made sure everything went smoothly. Walking away from your cemetery that day, I told my husband I didn’t know how things could have gone better. Your team took such good care of us that I wanted to take a minute to tell you that, and to thank you.
And then Jay went above and beyond in sending pictures of the vault lid. We were not there, and had no idea it was so beautifully done for the military. . . I have told him thank you, but wanted to tell you about it as well. (Yes, I am sure you will be hearing more from our family . . . Jay has reserved a few spots for us. This is a gift I want to give my children.)
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall.

Becky Halterman

October 2013

Dear Darla, Larry, Shane and Staff:
Words cannot express the joy that the family of Rose Bailey felt when we walked in the sanctuary and saw how beautifully everything looked.  You all did an amazing job with the entire order of service.  We are so appreciative of the care, love and compassion that went into the handling and planning of our mother’s memorial service.
Mountain View made this difficult time, more bearable.  We don’t know how we could have pulled this off without all your help.  We are very thankful for the grace and talent that you all have to make this process easier for families.  We are indebted to you all.
I don’t know who made the video for us, but please let him/her know how much we appreciated it.  The video added such a special touch and Rose would be honored.  We loved it so much that we put in an order for more copies for the family, with Shane.  The cover was done so beautifully; it was timeless.
We had a wonderful time working with each of you, and will consider Mountain View in the “not so near” future:)
Many Blessings,

Mrs. Sarah W. For The Family of Rosamond Bailey

February 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Lewis
Our father passed away and his services were held at Mountain View.  Your funeral director Will Cox helped us with our planning.  Mr. Cox went above and beyond our expectations. He was through, very knowledgeable and most gracious.  He had a sixth sense for knowing exactly what we wanted and he treated us like we were celebrities.  My father would have been extremely happy with his funeral.  It wasn’t a really nice funeral; it was a wonderful and glorious funeral.  Mr. Cox combined our Jewish heritage and my father’s military background and we couldn’t ask for anything more.  My father got his Hebrew music, the Sand of Israel Kaddish ceremony and Taps played.  It made his passing a joyous occasion and we will be forever grateful to you for this.  Mr. Cox, who we now call Will, has an uncanny ability to remember everyone’s name and that made it personal.  He made sure we were all comfortable and provided for.  He knew I was the Power of Attorney and nothing was done without my approval.  We will do business with you in the future and my family thanks you for the quality of excellence displayed in your employees.  Your business really is family oriented.
Thank You

S C and Family

September 2009

Dear Steve,
First of all, thank you for offering your sympathy in the loss of my mother, Dorothy Chapman.
I just wanted to let you know my thoughts about Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery.  Throughout the past 8 years I have personally needed your services three times-once for my Dad in 2004, again for my Aunt in 2011 and then most recently this month for my Mom.

Each time I have found your entire staff to be nothing but helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and most of all compassionate for family members dealing with the final arrangements.  When Dad passed away, it was so hard on my Mom that it was difficult for her to talk about any arrangements.  Your staff slowly led her (and us) through the process so that the viewing and services went so smoothly, that it helped her to know everything possible was taken care of.

When my Aunt passed away, it became a little more complicated because her casket was being shipped to Michigan for burial.  We encountered a problem because the cemetery she was to be buried was not a mortuary and could not accept the casket.  Your staff went above and beyond to find a mortuary that didn’t overcharge.  This took many, many calls, while we were sitting there, from your staff.  They were working hard to find the best situation for us. There too, we had services at Mountain View and then again in Michigan.  Your staff contacted the Pastor that had conducted the Christmas Celebration Services that my Aunt always enjoyed so he could conduct her final service here.  Your staff made this entire process so easy and reassuring for all of us.
Finally, with my Mom your staff went above and beyond to accommodate myself and my brother to make this process less painful. My Mom was always really particular with her hair: she went to the beauty shop faithfully every Saturday. My compliments here go to staff that prepares the body for viewing. Her hair was perfect!! See, it’s the little things that Mountain View is so good at that makes such a difference to the family.  She had lost a lot of weight during the past months and I was not sure the clothes I pick out would work, but your staff did such a great job with that as well-it fit perfect. I only mention these two items because it just gives you an idea of how important each member of your staff is and the integrity they all share.

One last item to mention would be the consistent care and upkeep of the Cemetery in general.  I have always been so impressed to go to the Cemetery and see the grass is always perfect-and green in the summer and winter as well.  When I pass by other Cemeteries here I see the grass is always brown in the winter, flowers are skewed, and just does not look as good as Mountain View.  Our family has always enjoyed the extra celebrations that Mountain View conducts-especially the Christmas Services, but we have also attended the Veteran’s Day Celebration and the Memorial Day Event.
I commend you and your staff for doing such a great job with this family owned business!
Steve, these are my comments for you, but don’t hesitate to share them with anyone.  I would recommend Mountain View to anyone for the staff, services and the caring you all so generously give.


Debbie B.

January 30, 2012

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