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Our Family

Since 1951, our third generation family owned funeral home and cemetery is known for our caring, compassionate, and helpful staff, who will guide you through this process during one of life’s most challenging trials.  We will take care of every aspect of your funeral arrangements on-site, including a beautiful cemetery.  When you compare us with other Mesa funeral homes rest assured that you will find the very best in local funeral facilities for traditional services. We also offer the best in cremation services, on site crematory, funeral directors, staff and value at Mountain View Funeral Home of Mesa.


Mesa Cemetery

As you enter our Mesa cemetery you are immediately struck by the beauty of the fountain that has become a landmark in East Mesa.  Mountain View Cemetery offers 12 spacious Memorial Gardens that include 19 mausoleums, featuring our newest Wall of Peace with its waterfall and gated meditation alcove.  Our newest garden is our LDS Garden dedicated to the Latter-day Saints faith.  This garden allows upright memorials (markers).  Other gardens on property include Catholic, Christian, Masonic and inter-faith.  The gardens consist of thousands of very affordable ground spaces that are covered year-round with a rich green lawn shaded by hundreds of Pine, Olive and Palm Trees.

The myriad of cremation spaces available at our Mesa cemetery include inside glass front  niches that present unmatched personalization and elegance, along with beautiful granite covered outdoor niches offering the ultimate in affordability.  Cremation benches, executive niches, family cremation estates and an ossuary are only some of the many other choices available at our Mesa cemetery.  Exclusive Private Estates offering the ultimate in cemetery memorialization located in the premier center of the cemetery will ensure that Mountain View Cemetery continues to be the finest and most beautiful cemetery option in the Valley.  We invite you to compare our cemetery and prices.  We think you will find the best of facilities and costs among Mesa Cemeteries.


Mesa Funeral Home

Mountain View Funeral Home in Mesa provides respectful, detailed care for you and your family.   We pride ourselves on providing the highest value for your money among Mesa funeral homes. Our staff will truly help to honor your loved one, while supporting the family to alleviate fear, and cope with death.  We do this while providing meaningful personal service, with simplified choices and products that provide excellent value.  We help you plan a memorial service to say goodbye to your loved one by celebrating their life and reflecting on their legacy.  Only a Mountain View licensed funeral director will make arrangements and care for your family member, including cremation if requested.  We invite you to compare our funeral home facilities and prices with other Mesa funeral homes.  We think you will find the very best of facilities, traditional funeral services, cremation services, on site crematory, funeral directors, staff and prices.


Mesa Cremation Services

Mountain View Funeral Home offers Mesa cremation services at its crematory facilities conveniently on site.  Your loved one does not leave Mountain View’s care or our funeral home location and the cremation is done by a licensed Cremationist and Funeral Director.  Great care is taken to protect your loved one’s privacy and dignity.  This compares with some funeral homes that have the removal, cremation and return of the cremated remains (ashes) done by a third party.  Mountain View has over 100 urns and a complete selection of cremation containers, cremation caskets and rental casket available.  We invite you to call and compare our Mesa cremation services, facilities, cemetery and value with other Mesa funeral homes.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery

Mesa Cemetery

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