5 Ways to Honor Your Loved One's Ashes
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It’s a popular trend for people to choose cremation over a casket. A cremation can still have some of the same elements as a traditional funeral, but it doesn’t have to take place at a cemetery. Honoring your loved one’s ashes could be scattering them in a beloved place or thoughtfully storing them somewhere special. If you or a loved one is planning on cremation, there are many different ways to honor your loved one’s ashes depending on the deceased’s interests and religious beliefs.


1. Scatter in a special place.

If there is a place that was very special to your loved one, like the beach or a park, scattering them in that place is a nice way to honor them. Many people choose to have a small ceremony with family members and friends in attendance. This option is often one requested before a loved one’s passing. If you have a loved one nearing their end of life who has chosen cremation, talk to them about their wishes for their ashes.


2. Traditional burial.

By burying the ashes in a cemetery or columbarium, you will always have a place to visit your loved one. This is the only option sanctioned by the Catholic Church for cremated ashes. According to the Vatican, ashes of the dead should be kept in “sacred places.” Keep your loved one’s religious beliefs close to your heart when deciding how to honor their ashes after they’ve passed.


3. Store them in an urn.

Another option is to store the deceased’s ashes in an urn at home. There are many beautiful urns available to purchase—even stuffed animal urns with special compartments for storing cremated ashes. Going this route is ideal for those who want to keep their loved one close at home. Storing ashes can also give you time to consider if you eventually want to scatter or bury them.  


4. Make something unique.

There are companies that will turn ashes into a special memento. Jewelry, hand-blown glass, and a vinyl record can all be made from your loved one’s ashes. Then you’ll have something to admire and remember them by. Looking for a unique way to scatter the ashes? Turn them into ammunition or fireworks.


5. Plant a tree.

Take the ashes to a company that creates “living urns.” They will mix other nutrients with the ashes so the mixture can then be used to grow a plant. Choose a special place like a park or your backyard where you can plant the tree and watch it grow.


At Mountain View Funeral Home, we know there are many different ways to honor a loved one who has passed. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in providing compassionate, dedicated care throughout the process. To learn more about our cremation services, contact Mountain View Funeral Home today.