Mesa Cemetery

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Our Mesa cemetery provides professional burial, cremation and funeral services for people of all faiths. Mountain View Cemetery is proud to offer 12 spacious Memorial Gardens with 19 mausoleums, and the Wall of Peace, which features its waterfall and gated alcove for meditation. Each faith has a special garden where the deceased can rest in peace and beauty. Our spaces are carpeted with lush green grass and shaded by beautiful  pine, palm, and olive trees.

Cremation spaces are also available for those who choose to cremate instead of burying their loved ones. Our cremation spaces feature glass front niches that are customized and elegant. Family cremation estates, cremation benches, and an ossuary are among the many cremation burial services offered by Mountain View. Our Mesa Cemetery also has exclusive burial estates that can be designed to house as many family crypts as you need, columbariums with niches, walkways, and even a center fountain, if desired, to meet your family’s needs.

At Mountain View, we know your loved ones should be remembered in the most solemn way possible. That is why we provide comprehensive funeral planning services to make your loved one’s funeral and burial service memorable and meaningful. Our helpful staff will provide assistance with the array of services offered at our Mesa Cemetery, including burials, cremations, dove release ceremonies, hotel accommodations for your family, and much more. Click the following link to learn more about our Mesa Cemetery.