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Only in cases of severe trauma or unusual circumstances is viewing not possible.  There are several types of viewing available.

Embalming, which is required for a public viewing, is a choice and your decision. You will be asked by your funeral director for permission to embalm after he explains your options.  The value of being able to view and say goodbye is documented.  Your decision needs to be based on your family’s needs.

Identification Viewing is encouraged because of the legal ramifications and is done if there will be cremation or burial and no embalming.  The deceased is placed on a dressing table under sheet and blanket for the family to view.

Interpersonal Service offers family members time to view their loved one after they have been dressed and placed in a alternative contain with a pillow and interior of their choice. It is available if there will be cremation or burial and no embalming.

Public Viewing for a visitation or funeral service requires embalming and an appropriate alternative container with handles.

A viewing or visitation, is a time for friends to express their sympathy, can be held the night before or just prior to a funeral or memorial service.  It is meaningful whether the deceased is present or pictures and personal effects are used.  The visitation time is very helpful in the grief process and even though it is a difficult time, it can be very gratifying to hear all the stories about your loved one.  It is amazing what you will learn, that you never knew.  Any of the suggestions in the “personalization” explanation are encouraged to be used during the visitation.  This is a perfect time to share the life works, interests, family history pictures and even a video of the deceased’s life.