Death Away From Home

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Mountain View offers expert detailed care for the family and the deceased that is to be transported home or out of state.  Mountain View will take care of the local removal, embalming, arrangements with the family or by phone, air transportation, coordination with your funeral home back home and transportation to the airport.  We can assist planning for a visitation or service before travel.  We are here for you and will do whatever it takes to make this difficult time of separation easier.

Travel Connections… Providing a Secure Road Home

    Visiting family, taking a vacation, traveling on business__it’s inevitable that you and your loved ones will make travel plans this year.  And while it’s the last thing you want to think about, if an accident or sickness should arise away from home, are you and your family prepared for the worst?  Have you made arrangements to handle the loss of a loved one is some other town, or even country?
    Travel Connections helps you answer these and other difficult questions today, so that if a situation should arise later, your needs are met.
Travel Connections gives you a caring and efficient way to ensure that a loved one’s remains are returned home to their legal residence.
    Travel Connections plan will provide, pay for, and coordinate all arrangements necessary to return the remains home.  More specifically Travel connections service includes:
     *  Locating a funeral home capable of sending home the remains
     *  Transporting from the site of death to the sending funeral home (when death occurs 100 miles or more from home 
     *  Preparing for burial or cremation, according to the personal wishes of the deceased
     *  Transporting the remains to the receiving funeral home
     *  Arranging all foreign consular services and other customs/immigration formalities required (if death should occur outside the United States)
   Coverage for a loss away from home is typically not covered in pre-arranged funeral plans.  These expenses at the time of death can be quite costly,  Why add stress and financial burdens, when you can take care of everything ahead of time?  Bringing your loved one home doesn’t have to be costly, complex, and time consuming, if you plan ahead.  Once enrolled in Travel Connections, all costs and details involved in bringing a loved one home are covered.  We’ll step in and work quickly with the funeral home of your choice, to bring your loved one home.
   Travel Connections provides the freedom and security needed to make sure your final plans are carried out.
   Call us at 480-832-2850 or 888-684-1951 and a Family Service Counselor will meet with you or send you our simple enrollment form.  Once you’ve completed the form and returned the one time registration fee, you’ll receive a personal ID card assuring you of complete protection and Travel Connections.  From anywhere in the world,they are available and you’re covered 365 days a year.
   For an economical one time charge you’re covered for life.  Give your family the peace of mind and security provided by Travel Connections.