Cremation Urns in Apache Junction

Cremation Urns in Apache JunctionWhen a person is cremated, the family often selects an urn that reflects their loved one’s unique personality and interests. Families may then choose to keep the urn, bury it or scatter the loved one’s ashes in a location significant to the deceased. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery offers a complete line of cremation urns in Apache Junction, including:

  • Wood urns
  • Ceramic urns
  • Marble urns
  • Metal urns
  • Biodegradable urns
  • Bronze urns
  • Companion urns
  • Glass urns
  • Many, many more.

In addition, memento or memorial keepsake urns are a growing trend these days, as they are a meaningful way to keep the memory of a deceased loved one close. That is why Mountain View offers a wide range of keepsake options, including mini urns, necklaces and pendants. Keepsake jewelry is an elegant, unique, and meaningful way of remembering a deceased loved one every day. A small amount of the remains are stored in the keepsake pendants and necklaces.

Although Arizona law does not require a cremation urn to house cremated remains, an urn vault is necessary when the remains will be buried in the ground. Urn vaults are lined to protect the urn from subsoil materials, the weight of the earth, and maintenance equipment. Strong concrete and durable plastic are often used to create the lined urn vault, although a combination of plastic and metals such as bronze, copper, and stainless steel may also be used.

Please contact us to learn more about cremation urns in Apache Junction. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery’s crematorium is located in Mesa, but we serve residents of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction.