Chandler Cremation Urns

Chandler Cremation UrnsMany people who choose cremation for their loved ones don’t want to give up the traditional burial service altogether. Burying the cremation urn can incorporate many aspects of a traditional burial into their loved one’s cremation. Even if they choose to dispose of the cremated remains in another manner, families are often in search of a cremation urn that reflects the unique personality of the deceased. That is why Mountain View Funeral Home & Cemetery offers a wide variety of urns in a range of styles, materials and prices to suit the needs of our clients. Among the many Chandler cremation urns available at Mountain View include:

  • Decorative urns
  • Wood urns
  • Ceramic urns
  • Marble urns
  • Metal urns
  • Biodegradable urns
  • Bronze urns
  • Companion urns
  • Glass urns
  • Cloisonné urns
  • Infant urns
  • Sports urns
  • Hobby urns
  • Military & Veterans urns
  • Art urns
  • Sculpted urns
  • Urn vaults


Although Arizona law does not require a cremation urn to house cremated remains, Mountain View offers a wide selection of affordable cremation urns for the convenience of our clients. Please contact us to learn more about the many Chandler cremation urns available at Mountain View. We are a funeral home in Mesa with a crematorium on-site, so you know your loved ones remains will be handled with the utmost respect during the cremation process. We offer cremation services to residents of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction.