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The Mountain View staff goes beyond the expectations of the families that we serve. It means being available at all times; before, during, and after the funeral.  At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we want to be the one source that families rely on, offering affordable options, and treating each family with the most caring and compassionate service possible.

Click here to email a member of our staff, or call us at 480-832-2850 or toll-free 1-866-684-1951 with any questions you may have.

Daniel Coury - Mesa Funeral Home President
Daniel L. Coury
Second Generation

Steve Lewis CFSP - Mesa Funeral Home Director
Steve Lewis CFSP
COO/General Manager
Funeral Director

Gregory Coury - Mesa Funeral Home Vice President
Gregory Coury
Vice President, Sales and Marketing /Broker
Third Generation

Family Service Counselors

Matt Major
Family Services Manager

Clinton Fontaine - Mesa Funeral Home Counselor
Clinton Fontaine
Family Services Counselor

Linda Brown - Mesa Funeral Home Counselor
Linda Brown                1948 – 2010
In Our Thoughts and Memories

Larry Rodrian - Mesa Funeral Home Counselor
Larry Rodrian
Family Service Counselor

Leah Gumm - Mesa Funeral Home Counselor
Leah Gumm
Community and Family Service Counselor

Rachel Hobson
Family Service Counselor

Jay Cunningham
Family Service Counselor

Edna Casillas
Family Service Counselor

Funeral Directors

Steve Adkins - Mesa Mortuary Manager
Steve Adkins
Licensed Funeral Director/Mortuary Manager

Shane Mullin - Mesa Funeral Home Director
Shane Mullin
Licensed Funeral Director

Darla Current - Mesa Funeral Home Director
Darla Current
Licensed Funeral Director

Support Staff

Phyllis Schnese - Mesa Mortuary Office Manager
Phyllis Schnese
Office Manager

Zoe Baertel - Mesa Funeral Home Accountant
Zoe Bartel

Donna Gardner - Mesa Mortuary Family Assistance
Donna Gardner
Family Assistance

Shannon H.

Family Assistance
Tracie D.
Family Assistance

Grounds Staff

Jesus Carrales - Mesa Cemetery Groundskeeper
Jesus Carrales
Grounds Superintendent

Barry Berkezchuk - Mesa Cemetery Groundskeeper
Barry Berkezchuk

Rony Camacho - Mesa Cemetery Groundskeeper

Jose L. “Rony” Camacho

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